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“I have been taking personal training and group classes at the Sun & Sail club since 2005. Although I did lose some weight in the beginning (for my daughter’s wedding), I have since gained that weight back plus some more due to various factors and reasons that should best be left to the professionals to analyze. Last summer some of the aforementioned factors became less of an issue, and I also began to notice that the clothes in both of my closets, including the ones I got quite recently, were slowly shrinking in size. I seized upon the upcoming Driven Fitness Thinner Winner contest as my opportunity to turn things around. I started to warming up for that by giving myself a few and simple attainable and sustainable goals – use fresh fruits to satisfy my cravings for after meal dessert, and go to bootcamp classes regularly and consistently so that it would be a habit and part of my new lifestyle. I found a walking buddy and before I knew it, she became a workout buddy as well and we were able to strengthen each other’s resolve. By the time the Thinner Winner contest started, I was ready, able and willing to do what I needed to do for a new and fit me. During the process. Erica and the other trainers from Driven Fitness were supportive and encouraging – noting each new move or activity that I was able to do and pushing me to do more. My teammates and fellow students became my personal cheering squad.
Bottom line? Our team won the Thinner Winner contest, I lost more than 20 pounds since last summer, I attend boot camp classes regularly and consistently, and participate in other fitness activities outside of class with many of my fellow bootcampers / fitness warriors. Instead of dreading my bootcamp classes (yes, I had a million ready excuses that I used on a regular basis), I would be looking forward to going – to workout and to see my friends (not necessarily in that order). Miraculously, I found that the clothes in both of my closets have returned to their original size and some have even increased in size because they are now too big for me! Nicknames I used to have for various body parts, such as Muffin Top and Chicken Wings, are now a thing of the past.
Thank you, Erica, Karen, and my friends and fitness “groupies” at LFI & LFII, you know who you are!!” Nita Chu

“I struggled with losing weight and getting back in shape after having twins and knee surgery 5 years ago. So in September 2011 when I finally saw the “Driven Fitness” advertisement in the LFCAI newsletter, I just knew this was the program I needed.

First, it was just on my door step, the hours worked well with my older son’s Tae kwon do lessons and I needed to be part of a bigger group to keep myself motivated. I joined Erica’s two-a- week program and I absolutely loved it from the start…I realized I was in bad condition then. I lost 5Lbs during the first week and decided to team up with 3 other club members for the upcoming Fall Thinner Winner contest. I was very worried about doing well, as I was travelling 2 weeks during the contest, but I stayed focused and did training while travelling and worked well with Nita, Marlene and Pam.  So well actually, that I lost 15Lbs during the contest and we won first place as a team. My kids came to the Winners’ party and they told me how proud and excited they were about me winning. I was on a roll then and continued meeting with our teammates at every opportunity and even during the Christmas break, where I continued losing weight.  I then decided to team up with Michael for the February Thinner Winner contest where I lost another 11lbs during the contest.  Michael and I again won the first prize.  I have lost 30lbs since October 1st 2011, of course I have focused and worked hard at it, but I thoroughly enjoy the boot-camp classes.  The trainers are so supportive and they make a big difference. All the other activities that we continue doing, either as a team or as part of Driven Fitness, also add to the camaraderie and the supportive group atmosphere.  This is what has truly made a difference for me and continues to keep me motivated.  I know I can get to my goal by June 1st(just before my husband birthday’s). Some of the girls and I have signed up for 2 mud runs, one this coming March 31st in Irvine and the 2nd one for Pendleton on June 1st….if someone had told me 6 months ago that by joining Driven Fitness I was guaranteed to lose 30lbs I would have laughed at them and thanked them for being so kind …but now I know it is possible and I have my trainers and my team mates to thank for it!”  Celine Rasborn

“I was introduced to Driven Fitness by my daughter, Lucy.  Erica was having a Thinner-Winner contest & I decided to join for 6 weeks.  Well, that was 5 Months ago and I am still a member.  I never thought I could do it.  Erica & her staff are very encouraging & supportive.  Driven Fitness is for all ages and she will modify the exercises according to your capability.  I will be turning 60 soon & never thought that I could feel & look so good.  Thanks to Erica & her staff.  It has been a lifestyle change for me.  The only regret that I have is not to have met Erica sooner.Colette DiProfio

“I have been working out with Erica and the Driven team for about a year now and am addicted!  Five years ago I developed an eye infection and after 3 months had to have a cornea transplant. I was told I couldn’t do anything that would put pressure on my eyes. A year later I had to have cataract Surgery and again I could not do anything that would put pressure on my eyes. After awhile not doing anything becomes a habit. Slowly the pounds started creeping on. No one ever said anything and I pretended it wasn’t that bad. A year or so later I went to Costa Rica to see my son whom I had not seen in 4 years. I remember the look on his face when he first saw me. He didn’t say anything…he didn’t have too. We did all the things you do in Costa Rica including zip lining. I have to say I REALLY felt sorry for the guy who had to help my son lift me up to get on the line. When I saw the pictures of that trip I made up my mind I had to do something.  First I started going to a weight loss clinic. One of the things the clinic told me was I should to do a lot of walking. I decided I needed to do more than that. I remembered seeing Erica’s ad in the club paper so I called. I started personal training 3 days a week with Erica for a few months first to get me back on track. I then joined in on the group classes. I now attend 6 classes a week. I have lost over 60 lbs so far and am still working to get a few more off. I feel better than I ever have! I can keep up with my grandkids, can sit on an airplane in comfort and my knees feel a 100% better. Thank you Erica and the Driven team!”   Linda Sarvey

“I am going to work out;  I just have to lose some weight first.  Sounds logical, but does it make sense?  Would I wait until I learn to paint before I take a painting class?  I decided with all the weight I had to lose and the history of running after three kids but never spending any time on myself, it was time to put some effort into me.  I called Erica at Driven Fitness to set up personal training (she had trained my daughter for D1 soccer).  When she immediately called me back I decided (in fear) that I didn’t have the money and would wait until next month.  Guess who called me exactly 30 days later?  Accountability is a B**ch.  So I started.  The second session I cried at the realization of the strength, balance and conditioning I had lost over the years.  I left.  The next session I came back.  Really how hard can it be to work out twice a week?  Well it’s hard to push yourself, but it is hard for everyone.

It’s been over a year and I am thinner and stronger and have a great new group of fitness friends.  The advantage of Driven Fitness is the support and camaraderie of the Driven Fitness family.  It’s not just about working out, but making working out and being fit a part of your personal and social life.  And I never get bored.  Each session is different, using different equipment and the best part is you get to be outside, looking at the beautiful lake or the sunset.  It’s now a lifestyle. Lynn Thompson

“Driven Fitness has become a part of my weekly routine. When I first started I wasn’t sure if I could make the commitment even though it was only two days a week but with Erica’s encouragement I decided it was something I owed myself. At 63 I am past wanting to have a hard body, I just want to feel good and be limber. Since starting the class I have lost 14 pounds and exercise or at least movement are on my mind all the time. Erica’s posts on Facebook and emails are great little motivations between classes. I look forward to Tuesday and Thursdays and maybe someday I’ll find that core Erica is talking about.”  Wanda O’Brien

“I love Erica’s Boot Camp because she changes the exercises and equipment every time, keeping the workout fresh and challenging.  Being able to work out outside is also nice because of the beautiful setting, freeing us from the confines of the gym.  Lastly, seeing the members of the group each week makes me feel that I have an “exercise family” and the laughing, joking and lively discussions help to pass the time enjoyably.  Thanks to Erica, exercise can be fun again!”  Tammy Spencer

“Of all the different exercise classes I have tried, and there have been a lot, Erica has been the only one who can keep me from being bored, makes me work hard, and the only one who has kept me coming back for more!”  Heidi Plummer

“I have really enjoyed my Boot Camp experience.  I have stuck with Boot Camp longer than any other exercise program.  I love working out in the outdoors and I also enjoy the variety of the workouts.  I like how the routines can be modified for different ability levels.  Erica is very knowledgeable and professional.  She challenges us and I often feel sore after working out, but never to the point of injury.  I also enjoy the group dynamics.  Yeah for Boot Camp!”   Rhiann Arvidson


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