Things that are making my life groovy right now

Every once in awhile I like to share products, services and other tidbits I find that make my life groovy.  Here’s what I’m grooving on right now…

The Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

I eat 2-3 eggs for breakfast pretty much every day of my life, and because I have to be up and out my front door by 5:30am speed is key to my morning breakfast prep.  Enter the Rapid Egg Cooker.  My boyfriend had one and I drooled over it for months until, surprise, one came for me in the mail!  Isn’t he thoughtful?  Or, was he tired of me stealing his appliances?  Either way it rocks! You can hard boil, poach or scramble eggs quickly and with little effort.  And they come out perfect almost every time.  The only thing I don’t like about this contraption is the super annoying alarm that sounds when your eggs are done but it’s a small price to pay for a quick, easy and healthy breakfast.


Cold Brew Coffee and Tea

I typically have one cup of coffee when I wake up in the morning and one around lunchtime.  During the the hot summer months I like my coffee iced cold.  La Colombe is my favorite cold brew nitro coffee (the plain latte flavor) but Trader Joe’s has this one that’s pretty good too.  Just add ice and a little half and half and you’re in cold brew heaven.  I also learned this week that I can cold brew my green tea!  Just stick a tea bag in iced water and leave it there.  It will infuse your water as you drink throughout the day. I’ve been sipping on a lot of “Zen” green tea with lemongrass and spearment from Tazo Teas.  Yummy!

Spotify RPM playlists

It has been so hot here in So Cal this week that I couldn’t bring myself to cycle outdoors.  So instead I dragged my buns to the gym to do my intervals on the indoor bikes.  I actually don’t mind doing my intervals indoors because I can control the workout much better and there’s good stuff to look at while I am in my little cocoon of misery.  I discovered this RPM playlist on Spotify yesterday and loved listening to it while I was on my 70 RPM interval sets.  Search “BPM” and just use for cycling instead of running.

Those are the things that are making my life groovy right now.  What about yours?


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One comment on “Things that are making my life groovy right now
  1. Krystal Chen says:

    I love all the things that’s making you goovy during the summer and yummy, I will be getting the green tea and thank you for suggesting the 70’s music!

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