Fitness for Life: Learning to Adjust

One of the things I’ve seen clients struggle with over their years at Driven Fitness is the idea that their programming should change to reflect their fitness and life goals, and their life statuses. I am lucky to have clients who have been with me for a long time, some over 7 years. Many of them have done the same routine on the same days for many of those years. But they find that at some point they need to branch out and try something new. It’s not surprising…who wants to do the exact same thing year after year? I myself find that I need to change up my routine and my activities a few times a year in order to avoid fitness burnout. Or life gets in the way and they can’t be consistent.  Here are a few reasons you might need to change things up and how to do it:

You’re bored: Have you been doing the same class at the same time slots for a long time? Avoid boredom, challenge your body and kickstart new results by switching things up. Try a new instructor or a new format.  Or…

You’re training for an event: I believe one of the best ways to stay motivated and beat boredom is to sign up for an event. Maybe it’s a running race, a triathlon or a obstacle course race.  Or maybe you want to hike through Europe.  Whatever you decide, you will need to change up the classes you take in order to compliment the training program for your event. For example, if you sign up for a half marathon or a triathlon , or a long distance hiking vacation, you will be doing a lot of cardio workouts on your own. You don’t need to come to classes that are cardio-focused. Instead, increase the number of Stretchletics and TRX classes you take and attend the Cross Training classes on Thursdays or Fridays when we focus on weight training.

Your life gets complicated: I’ve seen numerous clients deal with family emergencies, elder parent care and other stressful life events. Mental and emotional stress can take a toll just like over training. Are you dealing with a particular stressful time in your life? Consider giving your body a break, resting more and exercising less. Don’t berate yourself for missing classes due to unexpected emergencies. Handle the emergencies as they come and be kind to your body.  Reduce to 30 minute classes, take extra rest days and increase Stretch classes.

You, ahem, are getting older. It’s a fact of life. It happens to us all unfortunately. As you become a long-time Driven Fitness member you may notice that classes that used to feel easy for you are now difficult. Maybe you struggle with high intensity or now have aches and pains that you deal with. Consider reducing the # of classes you take per week or reduce from a full 60 minutes to a 30 minute class. Add more Strethletics classes.  Or move to semi-private or private sessions, where coaches can give you a program that exactly meets your goals. There is nothing wrong with adjusting your schedule to meet your current needs and abilities. And those needs and abilities WILL change through time.

As your career at Driven continues remember to take a moment every 6 months to look at your program at decide if it’s still working for you.  Ask yourself:

Am I still having fun?

Am I still motivated?

Is my program still meeting my needs?

Do I feel successful when I finish class?

If you answered “yes” then you are on the right track.  If you answered “no” to any of these  questions, then make an appointment with one of our coaches so we can adjust your plan and set you back up for success.

Now go find a little adventure!

Coach Erica

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2 comments on “Fitness for Life: Learning to Adjust
  1. Linda Bogue says:

    What a great blog entry. Goodness knows you and I have modified and redefined my fitness routine many times over. Sometimes from life changes, sometimes from injury, sometimes because the mojo just isn’t there for awhile. Through it all, we always find a way to keep moving forward and you help me achieve goals I thought were unattainable.

  2. So true Linda! And kudos to you for recognizing when you need to make changes over the years. You are an example of what it means to live an active lifestyle successfully year after year.

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