Recipe for success: How two different clients make fitness work, part 1

Christine A. ~ Spouse, Career Woman, Business Owner 

Christine has been a member of Driven Fitness since December 2014 .  Since beginning her program, Christine has lost weight, increased and endurance and discovered that she is one strong lady!  She has become one of our most active and involved members and is a role model and mentor for others.  As one of the owners of the busy local jewelry store, The Jewelry Box, Christine must find time to balance work, travel and exercise.  We asked her how she does it….2016.4thofJuly5k.Christine.Mike

What does a typical workout week look like for you? Mon-Thurs 6am – 7am at Driven Fitness (3 to 4 semi-private classes) during the week 2 trail interval runs after work and try to fit in a bike ride as well and of course once a week stretch class!

How do you fit it all in?  The bulk of my workouts are from 6-7am before I go to work

What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?  I’ve always been somewhat of a workaholic and felt that if I got up early then I should be a work. It didn’t make sense that I would get up at 5:30 and not get to work until 8. Shouldn’t I be at work going through emails!  Once I gave in, I realized I was getting the same amount of work done in less time. It was hard at first getting up so early but now it’s part of my routine. I love the fact that I get my metabolism going so early, by 1pm I  usually have burned my entire days calories.  I also like that I’m home after work to spend a few hours with Ken and Bella (my husband and dog).

How do you manage to eat healthy?  During the week I think about the following week’s menu and2017Driven.AlisoWoods5k.Julie.Christine by Sat. I have it completed. I look thru my recipes, pinterest, magazines and the web for healthy recipes.  I have an eraser board inside one of my cabinets where I write the menu. I also make a list of what I need to buy. When I go shopping I do my best to just  get what is on the list. On my day off I will prep whatever I can (chop veggies, prep meats). I also plan my breakfast, lunch and snacks for at work. The prepping part only takes me about an hour. Doing all this makes it a breeze to eat healthy. For me, it helps changing up the menu, that’s why I’m always looking for new recipes. if not I get in a “food rut” and then overeat out of boredom.



What is the hardest thing about living healthy? It’s really 2 things that are equally hard. One is 2016.ChristineA.Hikingphotothat my husband doesn’t work out. I sometimes envy my friends who do things with their partners. We’ve both made our choices and since they aren’t the same we seem to have fallen into a habit of eating a healthy dinner together and we are more or less on our own for breakfast and lunch. The 2nd thing is that I do like to drink! Controlling my wine intake during the week is something that I have to think about.

Who is your biggest supporter? My work husband and my house husband!! although he doesn’t adhere to my healthy lifestyle, my  house husband does support me.  During the week if I go to a stretch class or a run, he will prep dinner so when I come home it’s all ready. On Sundays which is really our only full day together he will do some kind of outdoor activity, like hiking. He knows how important this is to me and tries to accommodate me when we are together. My work husband (who loves to work) understands my need to workout and coming in a little later in the mornings or leaving a little early for a run or ride has not been an issue and I DO NOT FEEL GUILTY.  These 2 guys get a benefit as well—a much happier and less moody me!

What is your #1 tip for someone struggling to find a way to fit it in? Small steps. When I first started Driven fitness I was just doing a few classes after work. Once I became addicted I added Sat 2016.ClientofYear.ChristineAnzellmorning (another huge step for me not getting to work until 9:30 or 10am instead of 8) yes, the store has survived! Eventually it will just become part of who you are and there will be no guilt. I not only work out at Driven but have met some really fun people who share  the same interest in fitness as I do and are now discovering bike and running trails.

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2 comments on “Recipe for success: How two different clients make fitness work, part 1
  1. adrienne bailey says:

    I love this kind of story. It is very encouraging and Christine really is a role model and mentor for many. Keep these up please.

  2. Thank you for the comment! So glad you find inspiration from the Driven Fitness fam around you!

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