How does a busy husband/soccer ref/corporate professional lose 30lb?

Let’s find out!

Meet Mark B.  Mark began attending classes with his daughter a little over a year ago and since then he has become one of our most dedicated and successful clients.  He’s lost 30lb while increasing strength and stamina.  Check out his tips for success!

Q. What does a typical workout week look like for you?

We love that Mark gives 100% every time he walks into class

Monday: Driven Fitness Cross training – 1 hour

Tuesday: Driven Fitness Stretchletics – 45 minutes

Wednesday: Run workout – 45 minutes

Thursday: Driven Fitness Cross training – 1 hour

Friday: Walk or easy run – 1 hour

Saturday: Soccer referee or Run workout 1-2 hours

Sunday: Run workout – Long run 1-1 ½ hour

Q. How do you fit it all in?  Staying fit is important, so I make sure to find time for workouts. If I have to work late I’ll fit time in for a walk or a shorter workout. The number of classes offered by Driven Fitness allows for flexibility in scheduling.

Q. What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?  Acting my age. I feel stronger and more energetic, so want to workout more often and longer. Unfortunately I’m not as young as I use to be, so I need to make sure I have a few easy days so I don’t overwork.

Mark capturing a podium spot at a local 5k!

Q. How do you manage to eat healthy?  My wife is a big help in healthy eating, she chooses healthy foods and is an excellent cook. I pay attention to nutrition labels to make healthier choices. Driven Fitness offers great tips on healthy eating.

Q. Who is your biggest supporter?  Family and Driven Fitness. Leslie, my daughter, got us started and continues to support my ‘accomplishments.’  Everyone at Driven Fitness is supportive, encouraging, and enthusiastic.

Mark and part of the Driven Fitness family training for the Spartan Race

Q. What is your #1 tip for someone struggling to find a way to fit it in?  Choose activities that you enjoy. You’re more likely to participate in something you enjoy than something you feel you ‘have’ to do

I have always been active, mostly running. While I wasn’t in ‘bad’ shape, I wasn’t in good shape either. Attempts to exercise more weren’t paying off, mainly because I wasn’t consistent. I started to see a little success when my company had a wellness challenge, walk 10,000 steps a day and earn awards. I was walking daily which helped me lose a few pounds. Then I got started at Driven Fitness, struggling through a half hour work out but being consistent about working out. I started feeling stronger, and some of the pains that I attributed to getting older went away. After a few months I was able to work out longer, refereeing soccer games got easier. I wasn’t dead tired after a short game, I was even able to ref two games a day.

Mark and member Gary showing how a starfish plank is done!

All the little things that Driven Fitness has provided have had a big impact for me. Instructions on proper form, positive encouragement, varied workouts, healthy eating tips, social events have added up to a significant health change for me.

Way to go Mark!!

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